The general term “Retouching” can be categorized under the following subject-specific areas of Portrait, Editorial, Commercial, Beauty and Creative Retouching.

Commercial Retouching is typically used to advertise and sell a product or service, and covers a much wider range of subjects (cars, clothes, products, jewelry, food, airlines, cosmetics, etc.). These are the images to sell the product, to “close the deal” so to speak, thus the viewer needs to be able to relate to the subject on a personal level or feel the need to possess the product or service in the image.

We often have to change parts of the image in order to “beautify” the surroundings and create a pleasant atmosphere in the photo.While each image will have its own considerations in terms of this element, the client will also have their own requirements about how the final image should look.The important thing to remember here is that the collection of images needs to have a level of visual consistency above all else.


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