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A creative concept is an overarching “Big Idea” that captures audience interest, influences their emotional response and inspires them to take action. It is a unifying theme that can be used across all campaign messages, calls to action, communication channels and audiences. Ideas are what make advertising great, but they[ztquote]re elusive, which is why great ads are so rare. Advertising: Concept and Copy covers the conceptual process, from developing smart strategy to executing it with strong, distinctive copy. Over two hundred ads, many in color, demonstrate the strong thinking and writing that underlie the best advertising.

Product Shooting

Before you just grab the phone and begin taking pictures of your…

Marketing Material

Brochures are one of the most widely distributed marketing materials on the planet, and for good reason. Few other mediums lend the space to present a powerful message in such a succinctly portable manner. Of course, brochure marketing isn[ztquote]t about what you want to say, is it? Rather, brochure marketing is about what you want your audience to do.

Digital Imaging

Conceptual ads are superb because their primary reason is to capture audience with a clever idea, story or message. That’s why these kind of advertisement are so inspiring and get to people emotions in a subtle way. The main plan is to stimulate imagination and create the illusion that everything is possible.


When you style and photograph food, you usually have to work quickly so the food stays fresh. All food has a limited life span, which is even more apparent when you’re photographing it. Shiny food loses its luster, oils and sauces soak into cooked meats, and foods such as herbs and lettuce wilt away quickly.

Print Ads

Even in this highly technologically focused era, print ads still have their…


Typography, even if is complicated, minimalistic, crazy or vintage, used in photography…


The general term “Retouching” can be categorized under the following subject-specific areas of Portrait, Editorial, Commercial, Beauty and Creative Retouching. Commercial Retouching is typically used to advertise and sell a product or service, and covers a much wider range of subjects (cars, clothes, products, jewelry, food, airlines, cosmetics, etc.). These are the images to sell the product, to “close the deal” so to speak, thus the viewer needs to be able to relate to the subject on a personal level or feel the need to possess the product or service in the image. We often have to change parts of the image in order to “beautify” the surroundings and create a pleasant atmosphere in the photo.While each image will have its own considerations in terms of this element, the client will also have their own requirements about how the final image should look.The important thing to remember here is that the collection of images needs to have a level of visual consistency above all else.

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This is all about the idea and concept. It's just to give you another way of thinking and expecting how the stuff will look like and produce the good results.



Photography has its limitation, but our team of artists can push the boundaries of human imagination by integrating 2D and 3D processes for very cool stuff.



If stock images and videos don't seem to do the job, why not use authentic ones? We'll make sure every pixel will look crisp and at its best.



Mobile-first is no longer the future, it's the reality. Choose your biggest marketing weapon in this Mobile Era and make your business online

This is just how we handle stuff


Let's connect! We'd like to hear your story and the ideas you have for your project. After we talked about your ideas, it's time to translate the concept into a cutting edge design.


if we're all in love with the design, we're going to build everything so the stuff is actually working.When everything is working like a fast (paper) plane, it's time to launch and tell everyone about the project we made.

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After everything is up and running, we make sure it's going to keep running nice, smooth & fast.

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